Maltings Studios | Keeping up with Smartphones and how we browse the internet
The emergence of mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs & games consoles means it is no longer an option to design for one device only.
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What’s next for web designers?

What’s next for web designers?

I recently read an interesting blog by Alesia Hsiao titled ‘Say Goodbye to These 5 Web Design Trends’. In the article she explores how features that were once deemed necessary i.e multiple page websites is now rather old and outdated.

It got me thinking how quickly web technology has changed for us The Maltings Studios. The first company website we built used Flash, it had great animation and served us well. But back in about 2008, we made the decision to rebuild our website without Flash anymore. We felt it was not the way forward and luckily for us we were right. Today Flash is hardly seen or used anymore. It certainly is long dead for Mac users.

Our next company website was page heavy and in hindsight, was not that easy to navigate. We had pages for logo design, retail design, school design, brochure design… you name it and there was a page for it. Today our current website essentially has only 4 pages. With the parallax design we use, navigation is so much easier and is overall a better browsing experience, especially on the all important mobile. Which brings me nicely to ‘the mobile phone’.

Who would have thought we would be doing nearly all our browsing on a mobile? Latest statistics from Smart Insights has 80% of internet browsing taking place on a Smartphone and Smart TVs as an emerging browsing force with 34%.

I asked The Maltings team what they thought the next big thing in web design or technology would be and interestingly they thought it was already here and happening. Touch control. The mouse and keyboard will be gone and it will Minority Report all the way!

To read Alesia Hsiao’s full article go to