Maltings Studios | Why Should I Use WordPress for my Website?
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Why Should I Use WordPress for my Website?

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Why Should I Use WordPress for my Website?

When The Maltings Studios first begun building websites years ago, we always built them from scratch and to be honest it was hard going. Liaising with developers and coders, who never called us back and just didn’t bring our designs to life. There had to be a better way, that gave us control to do what our clients wanted and build them the site their business deserved. That was when we were recommended to try WordPress.

Straightaway, we could see its potential. It was versatile and flexible enough for us to do what we wanted with it. It gave us back control and enabled us to design fluid websites that would be functional yet beautiful.

Over the years, WordPress has got better and better. It is fully supported and has so many features, plugins and uses that it is hard to understand why you would not use it. A recent survey has estimated that nearly a quarter of all websites are powered by WordPress, which is an incredible amount. Plus, many leading world brands use it for their own sites, including Google, Disney and Facebook.

The other great thing about WordPress is that many of our clients run their own sites after we have initially built them. We teach them the basics and within a few hours tuition they are uploading images, posting blogs and becoming part of the WordPress community!